Govt. Polytechnic College, Behram


Established by the Government of Punjab

Affiliated with PSBTE & IT, Chandigarh & AICTE, New Delhi.

Computer Science and Engineering

About the Department

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an engineering discipline that covers several topics related to computation, programming languages, program design, computer hardware and software and integrates several fields of computer science. It is one of the most sought after courses amongst diploma students.A Computer Science and Engineering diploma holder will do:

• Design and develop software application / websites for different industries.
• Manage the software, hardware & networks in any industry.
• Involve in the design and development of the hardware components of PCs & laptop.
• Develop drivers for peripheral computing devices such as printers, modems and scanner.
• Write code and algorithms for operating systems like Windows, Linux etc.

Our experienced and highly qualified faculty are committed to help our students in understanding the professional issues related to ethics, professional conduct, economics, societal needs and their role in the technologically globalized world. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, the curriculum stresses on developing analytical stills, communication, problem solving, and teamwork abilities. The department is equipped with high end computers, latest software and state of art IT infrastructure. The department also conducts number of workshops, expert lectures, activity based assignments, and industry oriented programs to enhance the knowledge. Employability skills of students are enhanced through various value added programs. Flexibility in curriculum is provided through Electives Seminars and Projects.


Computer Engineering Department is committed to continually improve its educational environment in order to develop rural youth with the strong academic and technical backgrounds.


• To encourage students to become self-motivated, problem solving individuals who can understand the knowledge needed to be successful in the profession.
• To produce best quality computer professionals by imparting updated technical education, hands on experience and value educationthrough effective teaching learning methodologies.
• To generate competent professionals to become part of the industry.
• To inculcate professional behavior, strong ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities.
• To motivatestudents for continuous learning and self-development.
• To impartthe skills necessary to continue higher education.
• To habituate the students to focus on sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life and the welfare of thesociety.

We have diligent faculty who use effective teaching methodologies to achieve the vision and mission.

The diploma in Computer Science and Engineering encompasses various subjects that include

• Computer Fundamentals and Information Technology
• Desk Top Publishing(Corel Draw,Page Maker)
• Computer Programming using C
• Multimedia Technologies
• Internet and Web Technologies
• Data Structures
• Operating System
• Object Oriented Programming using Java
• Data Base Management System
• Computer Networks and Security
• Web Development using PHP
• Internet of Things(IOT)
• Big Data
• Mobile Technologies
• Application development using web frame work (WordPress, Moodle)
• Computer Programming using Python
• Cloud Computing

Job Profiles after Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) diploma students have tremendous opportunity to work in several career enriching job profiles due to the following reasons:

• Wide variety of technology already available and continually emerging
• High speed and agility of technological advancement
• Immense opportunity of using the technologies to meet the demand of application development in a wide variety of domains e.g. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Agriculture, Retail, Manufacturing, Defense, Energy Exploration and Production (E&P), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and many more.

Following are some of the options for a career after computer science and engineering:

Job Profile


System Database Administrator

System database administrator oversees the security, performance, and integrity of the database. This also includes planning the structure and troubleshooting issues.

Application Analyst

Application analysts are responsible for the administration, monitoring and maintenance of software infrastructures and applications.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers create the code for software applications and operating systems. The code created helps computer applications to run on a computer.

Data Warehouse Analyst

A data warehouse analyst collects, analyzes, mines and helps the business leverage the information stored in data warehouses.

System Designer

The role of a system designer is to define the architecture, interfaces, and data for a system.

Software Developer

The role of software developers is to develop applications that enable people to perform specific tasks on a computer or another device.

Computer Operator

The role of a computer operator is to maintain a logbook, check viruses, upgrade software and carry out basic computer tasks.

Network Engineer

Role of network engineer is to establish the networking environment by designing system configuration, directing system installation and defining, documenting and enforcing system standards.

Network Security Engineer

Role of network security engineer is analyze network usage for security issues.

Computer Network Architect

Role of computer network architect is to design, develop, implement, and maintain networking and data communication systems.

Research Analyst

Research analysts conduct surveys, document data, collect information via the internet and conduct research.

Web Designer

Role of web designer is to create and code web pages to produce websites that fit customers' requirements.

Faculty Details of Computer Engg Department

The various labs in Computer Science and Engineering Department are as follows:

• Computer Hardware Lab
• Computer Centre Lab
• Communication Lab

Lab Description:

The Department has well established Computer Labs to meet the challenges by implementing the theoretical corporate knowledge into practical aspects.

Computer Centre Lab

This lab is used by students to learn and develop programming skills in languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, MySQL, Wordpress, Moodle etc. Another main objective of lab is to enrich the knowledge in Networking and web designing area.Lab helps to understand the various steps in designing a creative and dynamic website. . This lab helps to understand the basic terminology used in computer programming by using different data types in a computer program. Students can also design programs involving decision structures, loops and functions.

Communication lab

In this lab students work on the multimedia software. Objective of this lab is to teach the basic concepts of fundamentals of computer. Students can learn how to work with different applications of MS-Office like MS-Word, MS-Excel, This lab is also used to develop Minor and Major Projects.

Computer Hardware Lab:

The main objective of the lab is to provide the students the knowledge of computer hardware, the processors, memories, motherboards, different add-on cards, and other peripherals like printers, plotters and the scanners. The students are trained for the assembly and disassembly of PCs. Another important objective is to impart knowledge about the troubleshooting and fault finding the computers and the peripherals. Also students are trained for installation of various software.

Program Educational Objectives

• Contribute to the industry as Diploma Engineer by developing drivers, software to implement the solutions for industrial problems.
• Establish an organization / industry as an Entrepreneur with professionalism, leadershipquality, teamwork, and ethical values to meet the societal needs.
• Create a better future by pursuing higher education / research.

Program Specific Outcomes

Innovate ideas and solutions for real time problems in the field of Software Engineering and Mobile applications by adapting the emerging technologies and tools.